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Business organizations these days handle a tremendous amount of official paperwork. Thus, they feel the immediate need to manage their information and records in a digital format. Companies providing digitization services should be able to scan different paper documents across different platforms. Their Document Management or ECM solutions need to create digital databases that should contain all the attributes of a traditional database.

However, most of these digitization companies have no provisions for data scanning through OCR technology. As a result, the documents become unsearchable. Also, many companies do not have the best scanning and conversion devices available with them. Their slow machines make weak progress while handling clients and their piles of papers. Digitization services providing companies should have modern machines to make their services affordable. Besides, most of the companies don’t harbor a well-trained and experienced team.

Creation of digital version of a physical objects
- Automation of instructions and paper based process
- Enable industrial enterprise to. elevate productivity, increase profit margins and imprive competitivness
1. Process Transformation
2. Business Model Transformation
3. Domain Transformation